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Internship in Poland

Poland, as a part of the EU, allows the citizens of EEA countries (EU + Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) to work in Poland without any special work permit.  

All students from NON EU/EEA countries coming to Poland need a student visa. You must obtain this visa before your arrival in Poland!

Since visas are issued only by Polish Embassies abroad, an applicant must wait until his/her application is successfully processed.

It is not allowed to travel to Poland without a proper visa. 

The requested documents for issuing a visa are:

  • Application form
    • this form is available upon request at the Polish Embassy or consulate in your home country or in the country of your stay.
  • Three photos
  • Passport and copy of the data-photo page of the passport
    • validity of the passport must exceed at least 3 months the expected length of the stay in Poland
    • passport has to have a blank page that the visa can be affixed to it
  • Document confirming health insurance for the time of the stay in Poland.
  • Document confirming sufficient financial resources for the stay in Poland, the purpose of the stay in Poland and accommodation in Poland
    • the official N5 forms which are a part of your acceptance notes confirm all above-mentioned requirements.
  • Processing fee
    • there will be a fee for obtaining a visa. Please, check it in the Embassy.


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